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108 of the Most Popular Content Marketing Terms and Definitions

Have you ever found yourself… in a meeting and someone uses a bunch of content marketing terms you don’t know but should?

At that moment, you likely decided to either:

  1. Fake it ‘til you make it, hoping no one asks you a related question
  2. Ask for clarification, outing yourself as not knowing
  3. Walk out of the room (disguising a “bloody nose”)

Hey, you’re here now, ready to level up, and we dig that!

This glossary on online marketing demystifies the terms you should know and gives you access to the content strategy terms the industry insiders use so you sound wicked smaht.

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Voice of Customer (VoC)

What is a Voice of Customer (VoC)?

A voice of customer, or VoC, is a compilation of data from actual clients. It’s used to guide strategic marketing and business decisions.

Why use a VoC?

Using a VoC means you’ll:

  • Understand what clients are saying.
  • Avoid fumbling your messaging.
  • Be more relatable and trustworthy.
  • Create content marketing your visitors want and need.
  • ​​Identify problems early on and prevent them from becoming bigger issues.
  • Find areas you have a competitive advantage.

When should I use a VoC?

Use a VoC when you create anything for your firm, like articles, social media posts, emails, practice area pages, and blog posts.

How do I create a VoC?

To create a VoC, gather data from:

  • Interviews with current clients.
  • Competitor reviews.
  • Online forums and subreddits.
  • Blog post and social media comments.

Take note of commonalities and anything memorable like their:

  • Fears
  • Wants
  • Frustrations
  • Needs

Copy this information word-for-word into a spreadsheet and use the exact language in your content.