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108 of the Most Popular Content Marketing Terms and Definitions

Have you ever found yourself… in a meeting and someone uses a bunch of content marketing terms you don’t know but should?

At that moment, you likely decided to either:

  1. Fake it ‘til you make it, hoping no one asks you a related question
  2. Ask for clarification, outing yourself as not knowing
  3. Walk out of the room (disguising a “bloody nose”)

Hey, you’re here now, ready to level up, and we dig that!

This glossary on online marketing demystifies the terms you should know and gives you access to the content strategy terms the industry insiders use so you sound wicked smaht.

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What is newsjacking?

Newsjacking is the practice of aligning your firm with current events to generate interest in your firm.

Why is newsjacking important?

Newsjacking is important because it boosts awareness for your firm and helps you reach a wider audience.

Creating newsjacking content for local events allows you to share information that helps your community and build connections with people in your area. This can lead to more qualified leads and more cases.

When should I use newsjacking?

You can use newsjacking any time there’s a story in the news that motivates you to share information.

Specifically, use newsjacking when a local event occurs that aligns with your services or practice area.

What are examples of newsjacking?

For example, if there’s a car accident occurs in your area that makes the news, you could write a newsjacking blog post. You could include information about who’s at fault in an accident and what compensation someone could receive.

Be sure to include a specific call to action (CTA) at the end of your post highlighting your services and contact information for your firm.