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Grow your caseload by going from “just another attorney” to a trusted law firm in the local search results. Then, enjoy the freedom to focus on your big-picture business strategy instead of the time-sucking task of hunting for local leads.

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We don’t just talk a big game. Here’s what we’ve done for our clients…
in organic traffic for a civil rights attorney
in monthly organic traffic value
in monthly cases
in organic keywords
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Looking to go BIG with your law firm’s goals? The secret is: go local.

If you’re like the law firms we work with, your goal is to get more cases consistently. You want to have the most significant impact possible, be known for winning cases, and grow your law firm.

Enter local SEO services.

87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses - including law firms like yours. And 88% of mobile local SEO searches result in a visit or phone call within 24 hours. Your local area is brimming with high-intent potential clients who turn to Google to look for attorneys in their area.

These aren’t just search terms. They’re cries for help from customers who know they have a problem and are turning to Google for solutions.

When you’ve got a local SEO campaign that combines an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP), Local Service Ads (LSAs), local business directories, and location-optimized web content, you become the solution that people find.

Clients are asking for help. Are your local SEO services set up to cause problems or be their solution?

Why pay per click when you can pay per lead?
Control your investment and improve your results with Local Service Ads.

If you’re serious about attracting a consistent flow of new cases and growing your law firm, you’ve probably heard of Google Ads - you select the keywords and only pay when your ad gets a click.

Sounds great in theory. But pitfalls are waiting to swallow your time and money.

No matter how tight your targeting is, irrelevant clicks or the wrong traffic type can see you filling Google’s pockets without guarantee you’re getting a return on your investment.

With Local Service Ads (LSAs), you enjoy a pay-per-lead (PPL) model - not per click. You only pay if someone contacts you directly because of your ad.

At We Do Web, we have a track record of setting up and managing high-performing SEO campaigns that increase visibility, connect with local clients, and drive results without driving up your costs.

pay per lead
Our local SEO management helps you avoid budget blowouts and delivers organic visibility.

We design our local SEO optimization services to increase your visibility on Google’s SERPs. More than writing high-quality, attention-grabbing web content (though we are experts), we approach your local lead-gen from multiple angles for explosive results.

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile

To appear in local search results, you must have a Google Business Profile (GBP) you regularly update with reviews, photos, and optimized content. Outside of getting reviews and photos, we handle everything that makes up a successful GBP, which frees up your time. A fully optimized GBP is like maintaining a micro-website - and we’ll handle that job for you.

Local Services Ads
Local Services Ads

With Local Service Ads (LSAs), you only pay for results, not irrelevant clicks, with prime positioning at the top of Google’s SERPs. This pay-per-lead model means we help keep your cost per acquisition (CPA) down and increase ROI since you’re only paying for local clicks that go on to become leads.

Local Legal Directories
Local Legal Directories

Potential clients don’t always search for you by name. If you’re not on their radar (yet), we make it easy for them to find you by adding your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) to high-quality and high-traffic directories. You get local citations to help boost your local search rankings and a bump in traffic. Win-Win.

Local Web Content
Local Web Content

You make a real difference in your community - and we make sure Google knows it. As part of our local content creation strategy, we target keywords your potential local clients are using, not broad, irrelevant ones that'll waste your time and detract you from winning cases.

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Nearly 1 out of 2 Google search queries is location specific. We’ll tell you whether your law firm’s website is optimized to connect with those people … or if you’re leaving leads and money on the table. From overlooked locations to local topic gaps, you’ll learn the website improvements and surprisingly easy fixes you can make to attract more leads in your local market.

Your FREE audit includes
gbp analysis

GBP analysis: Learn whether your law firm’s Google Business Profile is optimized to attract local leads or missing key lead-gen features.

Local keyword gap analysis

Local keyword gap analysis: Discover whether you’re missing prime opportunities to attract local traffic and new cases with keyword-optimized content.

Local traffic analysis

Local traffic analysis: Learn the who, what, and where of your site traffic to tailor your message to your audience’s needs.

Local competitor analysis

Local competitor analysis: We’ll lift the hood and show you exactly how your competition is getting traffic (and how you can steal ‘em).

Reserve your FREE local SEO audit and learn how to steal your competitor’s market share today.
Local SEO companies are on every corner of the internet.
So, what sets us apart?

We’re a results-driven legal marketing agency that understands the needs of your law firm.

We’re not “just” SEO experts, content writers, or web designers (even though we are all those things). With a team of conversion-focused digital marketers, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. We strategize and implement local SEO campaigns for attorneys like you that drive rankings, positive reviews, and revenue.

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We know your audience and industry and take a personalized approach to create unique content so the words sound and feel authentic to your brand (without you needing to step in and write a thing).

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Vanity metrics (like ranking in the #1 spot for irrelevant keywords) are so passé. We target local keywords and use them in your content to drive high-interest, high-impact visitors to your website.

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We’re obsessed with local SEO strategies that convert visitors into clients and harness the power of key marketing principles to ignite the right triggers to convert prospective clients.

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We’re committed to creating a long-term asset that drives growth and helps you achieve your goals so you can rely on our team to deliver what you want at the standard your business deserves.

We have over 14 years of experience building law firm SEO campaigns.

Our process lays the groundwork for your law firm's success. We create a robust and effective marketing strategy that aligns with Google’s quality guidelines and the association that governs lawyer advertising.

By using our method, our clients have seen results like these:

in organic traffic for a civil rights attorney
in monthly traffic value for a veteran's disability law firm
in lead calls for a local law firm
Hear from the satisfied lawyers we've partnered with ...
“The We Do Web team not only knows how to write content that resonates with the intended readers, but they also stay up-to-date on content marketing and SEO best practices. The result is content that is conversion-focused and search-friendly.“
Mindy Weinstein
Founder & CEO, Market Mindshift
“Aside from making promises that they delivered on, they explained their content-based strategy that developed traffic to our site without the expense of a pay-per-click campaign. They significantly reduced our cost of acquisition and, in turn, a good return on investment.“
Marc Anidjar Esq.
The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, P.A.
increase profits
Ready to put your law firm in front of a local audience to capture more leads and cases?

It’s time to get more cases and work less. Schedule a risk-free SEO audit to uncover the holes in your online presence that stop you from attracting leads 24/7/365.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is vital to a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It improves your visibility in the local search results on Google Maps and the local pack. When Google’s algorithm detects local intent - whether through a specific keyword like “near me” or your city/region/neighborhood - Google knows you have an immediate, local need.

Local SEO is placing your business at the top of the SERPs for these local searches.

Why is local SEO management important?

46% of all Google searches are for local information, which means your ideal client - the one needing representation - is asking Google to show the best lawyers near them. Local SEO ensures that your law firm (not your competition) lands in the limited local SEO results and secures new cases.

What local SEO services do I need?

The more local SEO services you use, the wider your reach and the more effective your results. Optimizing your GBP is the first step, but if you want to become the #1 business in your area, leverage the potential of Local Service Ads (LSAs), local legal directories, and location-optimized content to gain the freedom that comes with a consistent flow of local leads month after month.

How do I improve my local SEO?

Trust the experts. There are many moving parts to a thriving local SEO campaign for attorneys. Between publishing your NAP on local directories, setting up and running LSA campaigns, and creating local content, we don’t blame you for refusing to add more work hours to every week.

It’s also tough to know which law firm SEO company has a track record of results and which is talking a big game. That’s why we offer a risk-free SEO audit to show you how our process works and how it could impact your visibility, traffic, and leads.

How long is the SEO audit call?

Good things come in small packages. Our SEO audit usually runs about 30 minutes, so you won’t need to block out your entire calendar - but you’ll walk away with eye-opening insights on leveraging organic traffic and local SEO to grow your law firm.