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“Aside from making promises that they delivered on, they explained their content-based strategy that developed traffic to our site without the expense of a pay-per-click campaign. They significantly reduced our cost of acquisition and, in turn, a good return on investment."
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What Sets Us Apart?


Signed Cases

Success means signed cases. We focus on driving new business, not vanity metrics and cheap wins.

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15 Years

We’ve worked with over 300 law firms since 2008. Firms like yours with diverse goals and challenges.


Account Team

A dedicated account manager, SEO lead, and senior editor manage your account to propel your site forward.

Nimble & Strategic

Digital marketing is never one-size-fits-all. We build a strategy for your business, goals, and market.

Own Your Site

We don’t imprison your site within a proprietary platform. Your website is your asset. Not ours. You own it.


Monthly reports review your performance and our progress meeting your business goals.

Your website is your law firm’s greatest marketing asset.
We’ll help you build it.


A targeted organic strategy drives new signed cases every month.


Good content ranks higher and generates more leads.

Local SEO

Neglecting your Google Business Profile (GBP) is costing you cases.

Paid Ads

PPC and LSAs can quickly deliver high-intent leads.

Web Dev & Design

Safe, secure, UX websites rank better and increase conversions.


Radio ads, lead intake solutions, phone numbers, and more.

Do you want to…
Create a predictable flow of new signed cases each month?
But it seems almost mythical how firms can achieve a consistent flow of incoming leads.
Design a strategy that accounts for your goals, market, and budget to deliver results?
But other digital marketing agencies never seem to listen to your goals and expectations.
Position your law firm as an authority in your market?
But your workload makes it difficult to find time to build a strategy and create content.
Spend more time helping clients and growing your business?
But you spend so much time chasing your marketing agency to deliver what they promised.

It’s time to play a more intelligent game.

Whether you’re well-established in your market, looking to expand into new markets or practice areas, or just starting out, we’ll tailor a digital marketing strategy for your law firm.

SEO, content marketing, local SEO, paid ads, web design…whatever it takes to get you more signed cases.

We’ll handle it all for you, month-to-month, with no locked-in contracts.

Law Firm Digital Marketing FAQs
What is law firm digital marketing?

Digital marketing consists of any online efforts to promote your law firm. It can include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing (and translation services to reach diverse audiences), paid ads, local SEO (GBP), social media, legal directories, web design and development, and public relations. 

How can digital marketing help law firms?

Digital marketing helps law firms reach people searching for attorneys online in their geographic areas with the cases they want. Ultimately, successful digital marketing means more signed cases and, over time, can lower the cost of client acquisition as your website becomes more authoritative.

How much should law firms spend on digital marketing?

Your digital marketing spend depends on many things: your goals, market, competitors, practice areas, and budget. 

However, a good starting point should be between 5% and 10% of your annual revenue if you want to compete with the serious players in the legal industry. Your marketing budget should include all promotion channels, i.e., your website and other online efforts, T.V. ads, billboards, and radio spots. Digital marketing is as critical as any traditional marketing channel since organic traffic is much more targeted and has a higher chance of converting to leads or sales.

We can strategize ways to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and the digital marketing budget that will get you there.

What is the best digital marketing strategy for law firms?

The best strategy depends on your business goals. Cop out? Not really. 

A law firm that receives a high amount of traffic from their offline marketing efforts (T.V. or radio spots, for example) but has few new clients visiting their website will need a different strategy than a law firm that has a well-established search presence generating a lot of transactional traffic and organic leads.

Contact us to discuss a strategy that meets you where you are- whether you’re looking for more market share, protecting your current market share, expanding into new markets, or just starting.

How can law firms beat their competition with digital marketing?

Law firms can edge out their competition with digital marketing by making wise, consistent investments in their online presence. You want a thoughtful and comprehensive strategy that connects every aspect of your public identity. Your Google Business Profile, personal profiles, website, social media, and directory listings must be consistent. Build your website correctly and fill it with the right content. Simply put, do digital marketing the right way. 

Drive more leads with a digital marketing strategy that focuses on all the right things and none of the noise.