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Want Frustration-Free Law Firm Marketing
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Your day-to-day is tough:  trying to turn your firm around while keeping your finances in check and stresses  down. You can’t let up for a minute! 

Do you ever wish marketing companies knew just how difficult it is to scale? We Do.

We help law firms like yours get through the day, especially when you’re committed to completely changing your life by growing your business.

Experience eye-opening
law firm marketing services that work and are crafted for breakthrough conversions...

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No hype, gimmicks, tricks, or shiny object nonsense, only what's necessary to capture traffic and sales from the search engines.

We combine content marketing metrics with the craft of writing engaging, legal-specific content to generate leads and build a marketing asset that delivers results for your law firm year after year.

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Our law firm digital marketing strategies work. Here’s proof.
“They've helped us implement an SEO strategy, and we've seen tremendous improvement in our site's performance- we're on track to reach 100,000 organic monthly users next month!“
Robert Chisholm
“The We Do Web team not only knows how to write content that resonates with the intended readers, but they also stay up-to-date on content marketing and SEO best practices. The result is content that is conversion-focused and search-friendly.“
Mindy Weinstein
Founder & CEO, Market Mindshift
Chances are, you’ve already felt the pain of trying to find a really good, really reliable law firm internet marketing company.

When you want more personal injury or family law cases (like yesterday!), you either have to sift through hundreds of so-called law firm marketing experts on Indeed or give into the cold email solicitations you get weekly from people claiming they can grow your practice with the flick of a wand.

Or, worse, you wait it out and do nothing while your competitors in the same market pass you up.

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Imagine this instead– you work with our team of law firm SEO and content marketing experts and say goodbye to:
bye bye
The headaches of middle management. Your dedicated account manager ensures everything runs smoothly, and helps you get the results you’re after (without extra people management on your end).
bye bye
Playing catch-up with your competition. Level the playing field with a custom strategy designed to outsmart — and outpace — the larger firms.
bye bye
Paying for duplicate or generic content. We deliver unique content that’s crafted to attract your future clients and position you perfectly in your niche.
bye bye
Taking a spraying bullets approach to SEO content marketing. Have your results-driven search strategy executed with precision and take advantage of our experience and know-how.
bye bye
Unreliable freelance writers. We do what we say we’re going to do. You get what you pay for ... frustration-free marketing.
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Obstacles hindering your law firm marketing and growth. Scale at-will-- whether you want 5 pages a month or 500, we’ll make it happen. Expand your team instantly - we bring 100+ legal writers and editors to the table.
"Ok, I'm done with inaction and marketing tactics that lead to nowhere!"
Beat those blues — and every algorithm update — with a proven, result-driven content marketing strategy.
Learn more about the law firm marketing services you need to improve your Google search rankings and gain a competitive edge:
Law Firm SEO & Evergreen Content
Digital marketing for lawyers involves planning, strategizing, and building a foundation of search-engine-friendly content for your website ... we do it all. Never worry about finding skilled writers who know your industry, audience, and SEO. If you want to reach your potential clients and generate leads, we’ll help.
On-Point Web Design & Dev
Our design experts bring remarkable law firm marketing ideas to life, doing everything from designing your law firm’s website to creating an unforgettable logo to producing captivating visual assets for social media, email, and print marketing. No need to manage various teams and juggle your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, we do it all for you.
Eye-Catching Video Services
Extend your law firm's reach by capturing your audience's attention with a corporate or animated explainer video. Let go of the barriers about video production, scripts, and recordings; we understand digital marketing for lawyers. Connect with your audience on a deeper level with engaging companion videos we create for you, on-brand and in your voice.
24/7 Lead Generation
Promote your legal practice while building your list of prospects with irresistible marketing tools like downloadable guides, reports, cheat sheets, toolkits, and eBooks you feature on your website. Achieve a predictable flow of new clients each month with these high-converting content marketing assets we’ll create for you.
Click-Worthy Email Marketing
Keep your current clients loyal to your brand and stay top-of-mind with past clients and prospects by sending them newsletters, essential tips, and other helpful information. Internet marketing for law firms is about building the strategy, crafting the copy, and executing the sequence that’ll ignite this valuable segment of your marketing plan.
Impactful Branding
Ensure your clients see you as the best— position your law firm as the leader in your practice area by creating a powerful and memorable brand. Online marketing for law firms starts with devising a strategy that amplifies your business's voice and mission through visuals and words that show the world what sets you apart from the competition.
We have over 14 years of experience building law firm marketing strategies.
Our expert team of certified marketers, legal writers, and editors wake up to create the best and most engaging online marketing for lawyers for our hundreds of happy clients. Will you be one of them?
“If you need any services for your business involving the internet, they have a top-notch, nationally recognized team of professionals. I have worked with several similar companies in the past, and there is good reason to continue to do business with Alex, Yvette, and the rest of the WDW team.“
Michael L. Saile, Jr.
Cordisco & Saile LLC
“Since We Do Web took over internet marketing for our law office, we have seen a significant increase in our web traffic and conversion rate.“
Glen B. Levine, Esq.
The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, P.A.
As you can see … you’re in good hands.
We’re an extension of your team, managing every aspect of your law firm’s digital marketing from strategy to implementation.

The next thing left to do is to get this marketing engine activated to drive your law firm marketing strategies forward.

So you can...

Finally have a steady — and low-maintenance — stream of high-quality leads.
Cross out SEO and content marketing from your to-do list and hand the task over to a team you trust.
At last take a simple but significant step toward changing the trajectory of your business while speeding up the timeline of reaching your goals for success.
Book your free site audit today This could be the day you count as game changing.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is the act of creating and sharing online materials such as blog posts, FAQs, videos, and social media posts to attract future clients and retain current ones. Your law firm content marketing strategy should be intentional—not spontaneous or impulsive—and support your business’s goals and fulfill your ideal client’s needs.
How to be good at content marketing?
Here’s how you can be good at content marketing for lawyers: start by working with a reputable organic search partner who has brought success to firms like yours (more than once), make the necessary investment, trust the process, and give it time to succeed. Though it happens on occasion, this is a mid- to long-term strategy and it’s rare to see results in a week or two’s time.
Why have a content marketing plan?
A content marketing plan is the next step in your overall content strategy, it will keep you focused on getting the right content to the right people at the right time. A plan outlines the types of content you’ll create to support your business goals and fulfill your ideal client’s needs. For example, it provides the schedule for your blog posts and the topics you’ll cover during a specific time, usually quarterly.
How do I know if law firm content marketing will work for me?
Warning: content marketing for lawyers and SEO don’t produce instant gratification. What it does produce is an asset for your business (your website). As long as Google needs quality content for its users and its ads, your asset’s value grows. When you trust the process, you’ll realize continued growth year after year.
Who is content marketing for and not for?
If you have a business, believe in marketing, and are willing to invest in it, you’re an ideal client of ours. You also trust the experts to do what they do best—not only do we know law firm web content, we’re on fire about it! We’re not a match if you believe marketing is a scam, refuse to invest in it, or have a business that only attracts new customers through word-of-mouth or traditional advertising.
Do you only write web content for lawyers, or can you help me?
Lawyers are our jam, but our talents extend far beyond writing legal content. Because we take time to know you and your ideal client, we can create marketing content on any topic that effectively opens the potential for new business.
Do you work with marketing agencies?
Creating content at scale requires a large, highly trained staff, and a lot of oversight. The good news is, it’s all we do, making us an ideal partner for marketing agencies that are missing this component from their process. You tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen with little stress.
How long is the audit call?
You’ll be amazed at what you learn in 15 minutes or less, but the site audit usually runs about 30 minutes long.