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Are you our next team member?
For over a decade, we’ve worked with a steady stream of the country’s top lawyers. But don’t let the industry we serve dupe you into thinking we’re buttoned-up and boring. Far from it!
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our culture
Our company THRIVES because we live out
our values every day and through everything we do.
We actively build and foster teamwork with every person we interact with. We seek out opportunities to help and encourage, and we realize that our team is far bigger than who sits in the cube next to us.
Our hearts motivate everything we do. We understand the importance of our clients’ work, and cherish our part in helping them. It’s what gets us up every morning!
We recognize and admire others for their unique abilities and knowledge. All of our daily interactions – from the water cooler to the boardroom – are fueled by consideration and kindness.
We conduct ourselves with honesty and dignity. Our team demonstrates ethical standards, not just in our work, but in our lives too. We stand up for things that matter.
We empower each voice within the organization to share new ideas and introduce processes that make us better. We never stop learning and growing together.
We continually bring our best selves and the highest quality when interacting with our team members, clients, partners, vendors and our community.

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