Law Firm SEO Services


Outmatch your competitors with law firm SEO. 

Your firm will stand above the rest, backed by a results-driven digital marketing strategy. Our proven SEO expertise and scalable content production deliver the leads you want – straight to your intake team. Your law firm SEO will have you saying: “What competitors?”


You want to be the best in your field…

Don’t let the complex world of SEO hold you back.

We’ll dive deep into the data to figure out what your potential clients really want. Then, we’ll tailor your law firm SEO strategy to improve your rankings, increase your website traffic, and bring in more cases.


We’re a one-stop SEO solution.

No hype, gimmicks, tricks, or shiny object nonsense, just the brutal truth of what’s necessary to capture traffic and sales from search engines.


Our law firm SEO services include:

  • Content strategy

  • Content production

  • Web development

  • Email marketing

  • Linkbuilding

  • Lead tracking



“I was constantly ripped off by so-called SEO companies. Switching to these guys has been the best business decision we have made in regard to our websites. I highly recommend WDWC and their team. Alex and their team have met and exceeded my expectations since day one.”

Jason Baril Founder/Partner O.E.B. Law



How do we do it better?

We start with a full-scale technical audit of your law firm’s web content. We’ll pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, so we dial in our efforts from the start. Our process ensures we make the most of your budget, without losing valuable time.


We’ll assess your website’s:

  • Content

  • Organic ranking

  • Page loading speed

  • Metadata

  • Mobile optimization

  • URL structures

  • And more…


Drive targeted traffic, bring in more clients.

You’ll get qualified leads powered by in-depth keyword research, content planning, and analytics tracking. We’re on top of all the newest search engine algorithms, so you reap the SEO benefits – no research required on your end.



We want what you want: your firm getting so many inquiries, you need to choose your cases.



Take a load off…

Your law firm SEO partners will take it from here. We’ll keep you up-to-date on your SEO success, without bogging down your schedule.

In fact: more cases mean more money for your firm. So start thinking about what you’ll do with your time instead of worrying about your firm’s finances.

Be sure to check out our glossary of content marketing terms to deepen your marketing strategy knowledge.



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