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Want to increase the power of your attorney website design?

With a fast, user-friendly, and conversion-driven website design, we help your law firm generate new leads on autopilot.

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We don’t just talk a big game. Here’s what we’ve done for our clients…
in organic traffic for a civil rights attorney
in monthly organic traffic value
in organic keywords
When it comes to law firm web design, first impressions count. What message is your website sending to potential clients?
web designer

You’re a motivated, determined, and intelligent lawyer who wants to impact as many lives as possible while growing your firm.

When prospects look for legal advice online, you need to differentiate your attorney website design to make the impact and money you want.

Like it or not, your attorney web design reflects who you are. If your site is professional and authoritative, that’s how potential clients will see you. If your website fails to inspire confidence, then that’s how potential clients will view your law firm.

You’ve worked hard to build your career, reputation, and law firm. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste because your website is weak.

Is your lawyer website design a boring business card (yawn) … or does it hum like a 24/7 salesperson?

Did you hear that?

In the time it takes to snap your fingers, a potential client has judged your website (we’re talking 50 milliseconds). Visit-to-lead conversion rates can be up to 400% higher on sites with superior user experience, meaning your lawyer web design has the potential to make or break your leads and cases.

The truth is, it’s not enough to throw together a website if you want to become a sought-after lawyer of influence.

Would you describe your legal website design as strategically developed with high-converting features or a static business card? The first approach compels people to contact you because you’re trustworthy. The second approach posts your contact details online and hopes someone gets in touch.

At We Do Web, we provide attorneys and law firms web design and development services that position them as authorities, magnetically attract cases, and have more of an impact.

Less hope and praying. More clients paying.

Our web design for lawyers and development services help deliver a browsing experience that’s:

Ultra Fast
Ultra Fast

Page speed isn’t just a ranking factor - it can be the difference between a new case and a missed opportunity. We design your website to perform so your visitors find what they need quickly. When user experience improves, conversion rates and revenue follow.

Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive

More than 1 in 2 people will search for your services on their smartphone. We ensure their experience is frustration-free so you can focus on the big picture of your website delivering a fast, user-first, mobile browsing experience.

User Friendly
User Friendly

When you confuse, you lose. Our website designs guide your visitors to the information they need rather than having them wander through a maze. Your user-centric design will increase their time on site (that’s an SEO win), build trust, and boost conversions.

Conversion Friendly
Conversion Friendly

With our focus on the elements that build trust, boost your SEO, and generate leads, your website becomes a powerful asset that attracts new cases month after month. With zero technical issues and high-ranking web content, you become irresistible to people searching for a lawyer.

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At We Do Web, we do it all.

The clue is in our name. We might be experts at crafting digital marketing strategies that generate a predictable flow of clients. But we’re also a one-stop shop for law firms that want custom websites that do justice to the services they provide.

Here’s how we transform your website from yawn to “you’re the attorney I want!”.

Conversion-Focused Attorney Website Design

Our websites are professional, striking, and reflect the care you’ve put into your law firm. They’re also bursting with authority-boosting features that help you convert more traffic into cases.

Memorable Logo Design

We take the time to get to know you and your firm so your logo design is 100% unique, totally memorable, and the foundation of your brand. That’s how you instantly differentiate yourself from your competition.

Eye-Catching Visual Assets

We help create captivating visual assets for use across social media, email, display, and print marketing. Our design approach is consistent no matter when or where people find you, which builds trust and drives engagement.

Take advantage of your FREE web design review.

You wouldn’t expect a prospective client to agree to representation without a consultation first.

Why should your choice of law firm web design companies be any different?

We’ve developed more websites than we can count, so we know what features build trust and attract leads … and which features make your website look dated (leaving cases and revenue on the table).

Schedule a chat with a web design expert and receive practical advice tailored to your site, including:

Content analysis

Content analysis: (is your current content bringing traffic, or are you missing the low-hanging fruit opportunities?)

Lead gen analysis

Lead gen analysis: (are your CTAs and contact forms optimized to bring in as many leads as possible?)

Design and layout analysis

Design and layout analysis: (is your website easy to navigate or sending people bouncing back to Google in frustration?)

You don’t know what you don’t know … until we tell you. Reserve your zero-cost website review and spot the holes in your current site today.

Book my free web design review
Only takes 30 minutes of your time.
“Wait a hot second. You guys are all about creating content. Why should I trust you for my law firm web design?”
web designer

Great question (gold star for you!).

At We Do Web, we’re one provider offering multiple solutions. The problem with outsourcing every aspect of your marketing strategy is you get mixed results.

Imagine 10 lawyers speaking in front of a courtroom simultaneously (#headache).

When you entrust your digital marketing to us, you get everything under one roof. From custom website design to content creation and search engine optimization, we help you build an effective online marketing machine that pumps out opportunities for new cases so you can enjoy insane growth with little effort.

We have over 14 years of experience building conversion-focused websites.

Our process lays the groundwork for your law firm's success. With a focus on conversions, our websites are beautiful, clean, professional, and, most importantly, built to attract more potential cases without stress or wasted time.

With our combined SEO and content marketing strategies, our clients have seen results like these:

in organic traffic for a civil rights attorney
in monthly traffic value for a veteran's disability law firm
in lead calls for a local law firm

High-quality web design draws eyeballs to your marketing, positions you as an expert, and makes it easier for you to land new cases. That’s what we’ve done for our clients. Here’s what it means to them:

“The We Do Web team not only knows how to write content that resonates with the intended readers, but they also stay up-to-date on content marketing and SEO best practices. The result is content that is conversion-focused and search-friendly.“
Mindy Weinstein
Founder & CEO, Market Mindshift
“Aside from making promises that they delivered on, they explained their content-based strategy that developed traffic to our site without the expense of a pay-per-click campaign. They significantly reduced our cost of acquisition and, in turn, a good return on investment.“
Marc Anidjar Esq.
The Law Firm of Anidjar & Levine, P.A.
Find out how to plug the holes in your attorney web design to convert more traffic into leads.
increase profits

Your website can be a powerful asset that helps generate leads … or leave prospective clients underwhelmed and heading to your competition instead. Find out how to unlock the full potential of your legal website with a risk-free web design review.

Ready to transform your website and start generating the leads you deserve? Book your free web design review today.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes a good law firm website?

A good attorney website is more than a handful of blog posts and landing pages.

The average website visitor hangs around for 15 seconds. You should capture their attention, showcase your authority, and convince them to scroll on during that time. If your website does that (and you have more cases than you can handle), congratulations! Professional law firm website design and development is the proven path to standing out online and enjoying consistent cases.

How can I market my law firm online?

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to market your law firm. But there are successful and unsuccessful ways. At We Do Web, we rely on a proven mathematical formula to get our clients into the top three positions on page #1 of Google. This is one of our ‘5 Pillars of Law Firm Marketing’. For a step-by-step breakdown of this proven (and repeatable) process, schedule a free consultation today.

Can I use a free website builder like Wix?

Absolutely - but you get what you pay for. At We Do Web, we’ve developed hundreds of lawyer websites using a step-by-step process that automates lead generation and makes it insanely easy to attract potential clients. Our websites attract more traffic and ignite your business goals so you can carry on being a lawyer and not stress about marketing.

How long is the web design review call?

They say, “Good things come in small packages.” Our web design review usually runs about 30 minutes, but you will walk away with hours of insight on how to turn your hum-drum site into one that’s igniting your goal of growing your law firm’s profits.

How long is the SEO audit call?

Good things come in small packages. Our SEO audit usually runs about 30 minutes, so you won’t need to block out your entire calendar - but you’ll walk away with eye-opening insights on leveraging organic traffic and local SEO to grow your law firm.