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Person sharing 5 Tips for Building Relationships with Your Website Visitors

Mastering the Art of Building Relationships with Website Visitors: 5 Essential Tips

Yvette Valencia
Published   October 20, 2022

You know this is true:

You only get one chance to make a first impression… 

And your first impression determines whether someone hires your firm or opts for another attorney. 

But consider this: you’re not just making first impressions in person.

Potential clients are scouring the internet, searching for a firm like yours

These potential clients have the kinds of cases you want, and you have the legal specialty they need to win life-changing settlements.

If only you could make an impression on your website visitors that stops their online search and pushes them to call your intake team…

Here’s some excellent news: you can. Your website content has the power to grab people’s attention and form lasting client relationships.

The best part? You don’t have to be an experienced writer to convert your site visitors into clients. 

You just have to be clear, be you, and demonstrate that you “get” them. 

That’s when you’ll see so many solid leads from your site visits you’ll need more staff to keep up

Tips for Building Relationships with Your Sites Visitors Infographic

Share on your site:

5 tips on how to improve your website content and turn site visitors into lifelong clients:

  1. Collect voice of customer (VoC) data.
  2. Write to one person – your “ideal customer.”
  3. Write like you talk.
  4. Focus on your customer’s needs.
  5. Provide the solutions your customers wish for.

Tip 1: Collect voice of customer (VoC) data.

You can spend hours crafting a law firm marketing blog post or website page only to have it fail to attract visitors and clients…

You may think your page answers all your readers’ questions, but you can’t assume you know everything. Making assumptions will cause you to fumble your messaging, which wastes time, money, and energy.

Your schedule is hectic – you need to understand your ideal customer before you write another page. This approach will help you make the most of your content creation efforts, allowing you to dedicate more time to your billable work.


Start gathering data on your ideal customer–you know, the person whose case you wish you could replicate over and over–to create a voice of customer (VoC).

Your VoC will contain word-for-word quotes from real people who’ve hired your law firm or a firm like yours. You’ll have a client-approved list of blog topic ideas, website FAQs, and general language throughout your content. 

Gather unfiltered VoC data from:

  • Interviews with current and former clients
  • Competitor service reviews 
  • Online forums and subreddits
  • Blog posts and social media comments 
  • Surveys from your email newsletter

And take note of anything memorable such as:

  • Their pain points and headaches (what they fear
  • Their hopes and dreams (what they want)
  • Reasons they’ve left competitors (what makes them mad)
  • How they describe your firm and abilities (what they need)

Then, enter your data into a spreadsheet and use it in everything you create for your firm, like emails, practice area pages, blog posts, and articles. 

Your VoC serves as a guideline to tailor your law firm content to your ideal client’s needs. You’ll hook website visitors as soon as they land on your page once you’re (literally) speaking their language.

Tip 2: Write to one person – your “ideal customer.”

You want everyone who reads your content to say:

“Wow, this law firm gets me. I hope I can meet with them…”

That’s your client-grabbing, lead-generating first impression. 

But it’s impossible to make a one-on-one connection with your visitor when your content speaks to everyone.

As the saying goes: write for everyone, reach no one

Rather than addressing a broad ‘audience,’ craft your message with a persona in mind who represents your ideal client.

Take the information from your VoC research and model this person after a client who motivates you to do what you do.

Give your ideal customer:

  • A name
  • A backstory
  • Interests
  • Values
  • Goals

Then, imagine conversing with this persona whenever you draft content for your firm.

You’ll naturally create content that resonates with site visitors and converts them into new clients

Tip 3: Write like you talk.

Developing trust with clients is easy during in-person consultations – you see their facial expressions and body language, so you know when and how to respond. You can mimic their language and validate their emotions about the situation – but what about online?

Keep it human: envision your client and use the same in-person trust-building techniques in your digital content to attract visitors and new consultations

The key here is to avoid becoming robotic and impersonal when behind a screen.  

How do you build trust with a website?

Build trust with a website by talking to your website visitors like you would in person

Your visitors are looking for someone who understands what they’re going through. So, write to them and show them there’s a trustworthy person behind your content.

Being conversational draws visitors in and allows you to build relationships with more clients.

Avoid using complex, dry language and other rapport-blockers like:

  • Overused clichés
  • Redundancies 
  • Ambiguity 
  • Big, pretentious words 
  • Passive voice 

The more “real” you are, the more genuine your content will be. And the more you’ll stop people from continuing their online search. (They’ll be busy talking to your intake team.)

Tip 4: Focus on your customer’s needs.


You’re creating content to get more leads from your website. But don’t write with this goal in mind. 

You must demonstrate you see things from your ideal client’s perspective if you want to engage and persuade them to hire you

So, consider your ideal customer’s motivations:

  • What’s going on in their lives that led them to you?
  • What emotions are they experiencing right now?
  • How do they wish they were feeling right now?
  • What do they need to know to achieve that feeling?

Show your visitor their needs are your priority to create a strong foundation for your relationship. Only then will you influence them to pick up the phone and call your firm.

Tip 5: Provide the solutions your customers wish for.

Your future clients want to know you relate to them on a deep level…

But they also want to know – what’s in it for me? 

Your content should tell visitors how you’re going to improve their lives

Share with your website visitors:

  • Ways you provide exceptional service.
  • How you collaborate with clients to achieve life-changing outcomes. 
  • Details about your unique experience.
  • How you have the solutions they dream about at night.

You’ll generate the valuable content your next client is hoping they find. And that’s when you’ll start getting a steady stream of leads from your site traffic.

Make your business more prosperous

By making a great first impression every time.

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