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Take a good look at your website’s content – if it reads more like a biography than a helpful consumer guide, you’re going about it all wrong! Learn how your legal website’s content can help you increase relevant traffic, generate leads and convert your visitors.

Writing legal web content that is engaging, informative and easy-to-understand is a well-honed skill. At We Do Web Content, integrating your law firm’s voice and keywords within researched, professional content is our specialty.- Yvette Valencia-Founder

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We Write on a Variety of Legal Topics – from Personal Injury to International Business Law 

Our professional legal copywriters have created quality content on a variety of legal topics ranging from personal injury and medical malpractice to bankruptcy, foreclosure and real estate law among other niche practice areas.


We’re often asked, “How much content can you provide us on this topic?” Most legal matters involve multiple issues and a variety of nuances. Our research often yields multiple pages, articles and blog posts for each topic and subtopic – each uniquely written for your law firm and target audience.


Writing Quality Legal Web Content Takes Time

The saying “content is king” is known all too well in the Internet marketing field. Legal content, however, has unique challenges and opportunities that set it apart from the content on ecommerce websites. The content on legal websites must be relevant and original to secure high search engine page rankings, but also well-written in a professional tone and tailored to your potential client base to convert visitors.


We recognize the constraints that legal professionals have on their time. Managing a caseload, court docket, and office staff likely occupies the majority of your waking hours. Writing content for a legal website and legal marketing is not something most attorneys can devote time to, yet it is imperative that your website’s content is extensive and consistently updated if you want to build and maintain your practice’s online presence.

Your Prospects Object to Bad Legal Websites

A Thomson Reuters poll titled, “Using Law Firm Websites,” revealed that nearly 85% of those surveyed used the Internet to research law firms and seek legal advice. Not surprisingly, websites that are lacking in content or contain content that is not written or edited correctly for the Internet were not seriously considered by potential clients.


Common mistakes on legal websites include:

  • Too little content
  • Complex legalese
  • Minimal details
  • Too few pictures
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Unoriginal content


Whether you manage a large firm or are a solo practitioner, your website is measured by the same standard of excellence that clients expect from a legal professional. If you are not providing quality content on your website, your visitors will find another lawyer’s website that does.


Expanding Your Client Base

Our extensive experience in legal content writing has helped us identify what pitfalls to avoid on a legal website as well as how to optimize our content for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to ensure your site is not only found by your perfect clients, but communicates the authority and trust that converts visitors to cases.


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