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Talking Like Your Client: Content Creation Without The Legal Jargon

Alex Valencia
Published   May 21, 2010

Few, if any, of your clients will be lawyers. Unless your ideal client IS a lawyer, you’re going to have to make sure everything about your website is written for non-lawyers. This is especially important for your key phrases. Knowing how non-lawyers search for legal information is critical in making sure your key phrases are relevant and useful in leading clients to your site.

Ask a non-lawyer friend if they know what “premises liability” means. You’d be surprised how many people may not realize that term is basically what amounts to a “slip-and-fall case.” This just goes to show you that non-lawyers talk (and search) in very different ways than lawyers when discussing legal needs.

Try a Google keyword search for “premises liability” and you’ll get something around 33,000 hits.  Now try searching “slip and fall” and you get around 110,000 hits. That’s a big difference between a “legal” term and a phrase non-lawyers use to find information.

Knowing how your ideal client thinks is a good first step towards getting them to your website and to your contact form! Our article on choosing keywords to attract the perfect client goes more in-depth about how key phrases help lead potential clients directly to your website.

Good lawyer content marketing with a website requires a mixture of great key phrases and updated, relevant content that incorporates these key phrases. The search engine spiders are attracted by key phrases, but it takes SEO law firm web content to really impress them and rank your website higher on the search engine results.

Transform your law firm with our help. Explore our law firm marketing services and how they can benefit your practice.

At We Do Web we provide key phrase identification and integration when we produce your custom content. The more frequently updated your website is, the more appealing it is to search engine results. For help getting started on boosting your website to #1 in the search engine rankings, contact us today! 888-521-3880.

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