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A lawyer and staff member reviewing law firm blog ideas on a tablet

36+ Law Firm Blog Ideas to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Alex Valencia
Published   August 27, 2022

It’s that time again:

You have to sit down and write a blog post for your firm.


  • Made room in your schedule.
  • Silenced your notifications.
  • Opened a blank document.

If you could only think of something to write about…

Luckily, you don’t have to brainstorm ideas for your legal blog on your own. And you’ll have everything you need to write a lead-generating post once you choose your topic.

We’ll show you:

So you can blog your way into more clients, bigger settlements, and continued growth year after year.

Creating content for your legal practice doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need the right tools.

Otherwise, you’ll spend countless hours trying to figure out how to succeed online and end up doing nothing.

When your audience feels you understand and care about their needs through your blog, you earn their trust…and their cases.”

How to start a blog for law firms

To start a blog for your law firm, you should:

1. Complete a competitive review.

A competitive review shows you the information already published on a given topic.

Use a competitive review to identify missing or outdated information. Then, fill in the gaps with your unique insight, experience, and case studies.

Here’s how:

Graphic explaining four steps to a competitive review for lawyer website content

Considering published content before you write ensures you make the most of your time spent blogging.

And posting valuable, fresh information:

  • Gets more eyes on your content.
  • Shows search engines your content deserves a high ranking.
  • Draws more visitors to your website. 

2. Gather questions from current clients.

Think about it this way:

You have a direct line to what your potential clients are looking for.

The questions clients ask you and your intake team every day make for primo legal marketing blog topics.

Keep track of common questions and think of ways you can offer fresh information. You’ll use these as the basis for your blog posts.

3. Create an FAQ website page. 

An FAQ page on your website gives you a guide for your legal blog posts. (Plus, of course, it offers pertinent information for visitors.)

Compile your questions from current clients and answer them with quick, digestible information. 

Then, write a detailed blog post for each of your answers and link your posts to your FAQ page. This method provides visitors with more information and encourages them to spend more time on your website.

Writing Engaging Content for Your Law Firm’s Blog

To write a blog for a law firm, share how your firm helps people. 

No other law firm supports clients the way yours does, and your law firm blog is your place to show off

With each post, think about the information gaps you identified in your content gap analysis. Use your unique perspective to share fresh, valuable information. Then, highlight your services along with the benefits they offer to your clients. 

Don’t forget a clear and concise call to action (CTA) at the end of each post to direct readers to your website contact form.

How to know word counts for a law firm blog

Word counts for a law firm blog post differ depending on the topic.

According to Google, it “doesn’t have a preferred word count,” and instead crawls blog posts to identify how much valuable information they contain. Not necessarily how much information they contain in total.

So take note of how long the top-performing posts are on a given topic. Use their word counts as a guide (because whatever they’re doing is working), but focus on writing for your audience.

Remember: you’re writing for people, not search engines.

What are blog ideas for law firms?

Blog ideas for law firms vary based on specific practice areas. But your clients’ questions provide the insight you need to create a high-ranking blog post, regardless of your field.

(And you already have those answers.)

Use the following tried-and-true questions as a guide for your next blog post.

Personal injury law

  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
  • Who is at fault when…?
  • What compensation can I get when…?
  • If my Uber is in an accident, can I sue?
  • What is an example of a pain and suffering settlement?
  • What are the grounds for a faulty product lawsuit?

Criminal defense law

  • Will I go to jail if I…?
  • How long will I go to jail if…?
  • How can I stay out of jail?
  • Will I lose my license?
  • What to do if I get a DUI?
  • What’s the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
  • What is criminal vs. civil law?
  • What do I do if I’m accused of a crime I didn’t commit?

Family law

  • How do I file for divorce in (my state)?
  • How do I know if I’m entitled to alimony?
  • How does mediation work?
  • Am I responsible for child support?
  • How to obtain sole custody of my children?
  • What is a prenup?
  • How does a prenup work?
  • What are the child custody laws in (my state)?

Civil right law

  • What to do if I’ve been discriminated against at work?
  • Is it illegal to discriminate based on age?
  • What do I do if I think the police harassed me because of my race?
  • What to do if I think I’m being paid less because of my gender?
  • Can I sue my boss because of harassment?

Real estate law

  • When can my landlord evict me in (my state)?
  • What’s a real estate agent vs. a real estate attorney?
  • Do I need a real estate lawyer to buy a home?
  • What’s the difference between a mortgage and a loan?
  • What states require a real estate attorney to buy a home?

Pro blogging for attorneys tip: Google’s “people also ask” section.

For more topics, enter a topic or question into Google and scroll to find the “people also ask…” section.

This section offers insight into the most popular search queries.

For example:

Screenshot of Google's people also ask section for law firm blog ideas

Then, conduct your review of existing content and write your post with new or updated information.


You may be wondering…

How can I make managing my law firm blog easier?

Consider hiring a legal marketing agency that specializes in creating captivating content tailored for legal websites.

You don’t have to think of your own legal blog ideas. We Do Web takes the time to learn about you, your goals, and your ideal client. 

We couple this insight with our deep understanding of the marketing needs of law firms to deliver content that positions you as the best choice.

Ready to focus more on your clients and less on blogging? Reach out to us at (954) 425-9081 or connect with us here. We’re ready to help you grow your revenue and client base.

Be sure to check out our glossary of content marketing terms to deepen your marketing strategy knowledge.

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