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Two legal content writers explaining the benefits of content for lawyer websites

Unveiling the Power of Professional Legal Copywriters

Yvette Valencia
Published   July 28, 2022

Ever wondered how your competitors consistently attract clients, excel in the courtroom, and maintain an active presence on LinkedIn? Achieving success can be exhausting, but there’s a secret weapon many are using.

It’s exhausting to work hard every day only to scratch at the next level of success. And that next level of success means more than your firm’s growth. 

It means:

  • Stability for your family
  • Name recognition
  • Bragging rights
  • Some actual time off to think about anything other than the firm.

Working on getting there means you’re carrying a lot of weight. So, how can other people in your practice area juggle so much and still post date night pictures on Facebook?

They utilize legal content writers who produce compelling content that attracts clients.

Perhaps you’ve thought about hiring legal copywriters but are concerned about ensuring a good return on investment.

Luckily, you don’t have to – if you choose the right team.

An expert team of legal copywriters gets you leads well worth the cost. And, even better, they ensure you don’t have to do the work

To reach that next level of success, stop asking yourself:

Do I need a legal copywriter?

If you aim for more clients and a balanced work-life, consider hiring a content expert.

A specialized copywriter or a team adept in legal writing ensures your information reaches the right audience. Without consistent, quality content on your website, you’ll miss out on reaching potential clients.

Ask yourself this instead:

Who can I partner with to get the results I want and start carrying less weight?

The right team will be a true partner – invested in your and your client’s success. And they’ll do the job right without you having to supervise.


If you’re not sure legal copywriters deliver results, you haven’t found the right team.

Here’s what you should know about these writing experts:

Marketing doesn’t have to be the big scary area it’s always been.

Three legal content writers collaborating on their client's legal website content

You can focus on all the stuff to run your firm and leave your lawyer content marketing to the people who know law firm web content inside and out. 

Our team at We Do Web comprises writers, editors, and project managers, all dedicated to crafting top-notch content for legal websites.

And we know what it takes to get more eyes on your content and new clients for your firm.

What makes an expert law firm copywriting team?

At We Do Web, we…

Take time to get to know you and your firm.

We believe your content should reflect you and your firm. 

Your account manager, senior editor, and legal content writers collaborate to develop a profile specific to your goals.

Your profile contains:

  • Essential details about the firm.
  • Your preferences and ongoing feedback.
  • A custom dictionary outlining the language specific to your region and practice areas. 

By taking these steps, we ensure we’re writing how you would, with minimal edits.

Our legal copywriters focus on forming human connections that convert into more cases for your firm.

Screenshot of We Do Web's dedication to human connection in their legal content writing

Know the details of your practice area.

With over a decade of experience since 2008, we’ve garnered insights into a wide range of legal practice areas, including niche specialties.

We back our experience with our comprehensive link vault, a list of hundreds of authoritative materials. Which means our writers can quickly reference trusted, relevant sources specific to your area of expertise

Ultimately, you know what you’re talking about, and we make sure your writing reflects that.

Ensure your content is unique and accurate. 

Guaranteeing unique and accurate content, our team goes beyond just writing; we ensure quality at every step.  Our legal copywriters, editors, and proofreaders review every page we create for your website.

We strengthen this write, edit, and proofread process with quality-screening tools and a checklist to facilitate original and accurate content.

With skilled team members, robust tools, and a tried-and-true system, you don’t have to worry about your content standard.

Make you stand apart from your competitors.

Our strategic research gives you an edge over other firms. We study competing, top-performing pages to identify how you can offer more value to the search results.

Our legal content writers also analyze the words people are Googling to find legal help in their location.

With this knowledge, we write attention-grabbing, high-performing content that reaches potential clients and gives you qualified leads.

Screenshot explaining We Do Web's lawyer content writing services provided by legal copywriters

Keep you in the loop without any ‘heavy lifting.’

We’re here to create the content you want to see on your website – and keep the process stress-free.

We develop a law firm content marketing plan for you to approve in advance so you always know what’s coming.

But if you have feedback along the way, we’ll be there to take your calls and ensure your preferences make it to your client profile.

Our responsive, detail-oriented staff and organized production flow allow us to handle your requests without interrupting your post schedule

Share your passion for the legal field.

Our core focus is legal content writing, and we’re passionate about delivering excellence in every piece.

We train team members, develop resources, and fine-tune our systems so we can produce the best content for you. 

Our culture is about doing good work that gets results – no hype, gimmicks, tricks, or shiny object nonsense. 

Get your expert legal copywriting team…

…and end the cycle of headaches and wasted billable hours spent worrying about how your next client will find you.

It’s that easy: 

Your team of legal content writers is your ticket to getting leads while you enjoy time away from your tablet.

For a true partner in your firm’s growth, contact We Do Web Content online or call us at (954) 425-9081.

Be sure to check out our glossary of content marketing terms to deepen your marketing strategy knowledge.

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