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Why Digital Marketers Love Ebooks

Alex Valencia
Published   September 18, 2019

SEO Firms, Social Media Strategist, and Content marketing firms like We Do Web Content are always looking for innovative, out-of-the-box content marketing solutions for our clients. We believe the best types of content are ones that span multiple platforms and convert readers to customers in non-invasive methods.

Ebooks have become a go-to platform for pleasure as well as informational reading. Many schools are going digital for textbooks, and the ease of publishing to the eBook format makes it so that anyone can put together an electronic tome – including your business!

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We Love Producing Ebooks

Ebooks are actually quite fun to put together. One of our legal content writers had this to say about her experience with producing Ebooks:

“I love it when content is organized and flows well; it helps improve the readability of otherwise mundane or confusing topics. When I get a client request for an Ebook and they have an extensive content library, I can actually say it’s fun to pick out the best topics and format them into a quality Ebook. Even when a client has no existing content to work from, it’s still a fun challenge to develop an engaging and relevant table of contents to structure the chapters as I write the content.”

It’s true. A well-written Ebook can make any topic easier to consume, especially in the legal field. Many law firms offer free Ebooks with simplified explanations of the laws related to their practice. Rather than simply listing statutes, savvy attorneys break down their legal world into easily understood chapters which are much more attractive to readers.

Producing an Ebook is also much easier than printed materials. Instead of having to send the draft to a printing press and worrying about binding, storing, and shipping copies of physical books, you can produce and distribute Ebooks completely online. This saves time, money, and paper!

Why Your Business Should Love Ebooks

Ebooks establish authority. Even though anyone with a computer can create an eBook, a good eBook can reach millions of readers if it contains quality content and is properly distributed.

Many businesses use their Ebooks as a multipurpose marketing tool. They can accomplish several things:

  • They serve as a method of collecting potential client contact information when distributed by a request form.
  • They become a notch on the business owners resume when they can say they’ve published a book.
  • They become a relevant resource for others in your industry.
  • They get your business’s name out in front of new audiences when shared on social channels, Ebook directories, or passed among friends.
  • They can be shared on Social Media Platforms
  • They can be used for link building

Ebooks are environmentally friendly, convenient, and reliable forms of content creation and marketing – every business should have at least one! Don’t have the time to write an entire book on your own? Let our content writing services handle it for you!

We Do Web Content provides eBook ghostwriting services for pretty much any profession on nearly any subject. Whether you want a short 10-tip guide to landscaping a driveway or a longer step-by-step book on how to settle a personal injury claim, we can help! To get started, give us a call at 888-521-3880 or fill out our contact form and get ready to become the next eBook best seller!


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