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SEO Thanksgiving Day 1: Thankful for Keyword Tools

Alex Valencia
Published   November 20, 2012

The SEO team at We Do Web Content would like to share with you the top three things we’re thankful for that help us provide our services. First up, we’re thankful for the keyword tools we use to find the top performing keywords for our clients’ content!

What are keyword tools?

Keyword tools are websites that help SEO experts research how users look for information using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As you may already know, keywords are the backbone of good SEO content – you can’t rank with search engines if your content doesn’t contain the keywords your clients search for!

We use keyword tools to build a list of the search terms your potential clients are using to find businesses or services like yours. The ideal keywords are those with a high volume of searches but low competition. You also want to find more natural phrases like “South Florida lawyer for dog bite” and not “animal lawyer injury”.

The SEO Tools of the Trade

At We Do Web Content we use Google’s AdWords keyword tool, WordTracker, and SEM Rush. What these tools allow us to do is learn about the words and phrases your clients identify with your business or service. These are search terms that should be featured in SEO content so your clients can find your website!

Just getting a list of keywords from keyword tools isn’t enough; you have to look at the search volumes and competition. According to SEM Rush, the keyword “injury lawyer” has an average of 3,600 searches per month and 0.94 competition at the time we’re writing this blog entry. This means there’s a high volume of searches, but also a high number of other websites trying to rank for that keyword.

Knowing this, we do a little more research for the best SEO phrases and see how “South Florida injury lawyer” ranks. A search with Google’s AdWords shows that there’s about 880 monthly searches and still a high competition. Luckily, instead of playing guessing games, all of these keyword tools provide lists of related keywords to look at as well.

Some of the lower competition keywords we’d try in this case are more geo-specific or targeted toward certain cases. Sure, your law firm serves clients all over South Florida, but your actual office is in Pompano Beach– you’re going to want to focus on “Pompano Beach injury lawyer”.

The best thing about using a keyword tool is that it often inspires our content managers and writers to develop new topics related to your clients’ search methods. It’s not uncommon for keyword research to reveal new topics for your content that we never even thought of relating to your business!

Be Thankful You Have an SEO Expert on Your Side!

We know you don’t have the time to worry about how your website performs on the search engine rankings – you’ve got a successful business to run! At We Do Web Content we use every resource available to provide our clients with the best SEO content on the web!

To get started, give us a call or contact us on our website to speak with our sales manager about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through Internet and SEO marketing. Call 888-594-5442.

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