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Strategic SEO Content Creation for Law Firms

Alex Valencia
Published   July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010 – April Fool’s Day is a long standing tradition that’s only gotten easier with the invention of the Internet. The online retailer Think Geek, renowned for its collection of “weird stuff,” has turned April Fool’s Day into a tradition. For the past few years, they’ve celebrated by releasing exclusive new products that are available nowhere else, not even on their own site!

April 1st, 2010, was just as unique at ThinkGeek, where customers were treated to the opportunity to purchase items such as the moodINQ, a programmable tattoo system operated by computer, and a special treat for LOST enthusiasts: a Dharma Initiative alarm clock that rings every 108 minutes. But the winner of the best fictional product ThinkGeek offered for fictional sale was their Canned Unicorn Meat.

On the actual “product release” day this new item wasn’t the hit of the day, in fact, it was a sleeper compared to the more wacky fake products ThinkGeek came up with. The real hubbub surrounding the mystical canned meat came much later in the form of a 12-page cease and desist order in late June.

Apparently, the National Pork Board decided that the use of the phrase “Unicorn – the new white meat” in the product’s tagline was an infringement on their well known, trademarked slogan of “The Other White Meat” How many billable hours went into writing a 12-page cease and desist letter for marketing a product that doesn’t exist?

ThinkGeek issued a tongue-in-cheek press release apologizing for the apparent confusion they caused by marketing their unicorn meat with a slogan vaguely similar to that used for pork.

At We Do Web Content we know that stories like this one are a great example of how current event legal blogging can reach out to your clients. If you’re a business attorney or handle trademark law cases, you can find plenty of similar news stories to report on for your own blog, adding in your own personal take on the issue and spurring on readers to comment with their thoughts.

Client interaction with your website is key to getting new cases and gaining success in your practice area. Interesting blog articles draw clients to your website where you need to make sure you have the relevant law firm web content they’re looking for.

We provide lawyers across the nation with quality, custom content affordable to their Internet marketing needs. Your lawyer website SEO can benefit both in client referrals and search engine rankings by providing content that works for your practice areas. For affordable, quality content exclusive to YOUR website, blog and clients, contact us today!  1-888-521-3880

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