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Should My Company Create an Internal Blog or External Blog?

Alex Valencia
Published   June 15, 2021

Creating a blog is a great way to constantly add new, relevant SEO content for your website. When deciding on where to create your blog however, you have several options:
An internal blog is a blog that is hosted directly on your website. This is a great opportunity to attract new visitors to your website through organic search engine results that feature your relevant keywords.

An external blog is a blog that is hosted outside of your website and stands alone. This type of blog allows visitors to find your SEO content and direct them back to your website, which helps you build the kind of backlinks that add to your website’s search engine ranking.
Ideally, both options are great online marketing strategies. Creating blogs both inside and outside of your website will help the overall effectiveness of your SEO content and linking strategies, if you have the resources (through your own staff or outsourced) to maintain blogs on a variety of subjects.

For example, an internal blog on your website can generally cover the subjects that are relevant to your company overall, while an external blog can go into detail about a specific practice area, i.e. – having a plastic surgery blog is great for a plastic surgery practice. If your practice specializes in breast augmentation, you can then create an external blog focused specifically on breast surgery.

If you don’t have the resources to maintain blogs with your current staffing, contact We Do Web Content today and ask about our SEO copywriting services!

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