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Mastering Cohesive Content: 4 Essential Tips for Success

Alex Valencia
Published   April 28, 2012

Blog Series: Creating a Collective of Cohesive Content

To wrap up this week’s blog series on creating a uniform look and tone to your content, we condense all of our prior knowledge into our top 4 tips!

Tip 1 – Get a style guide!
We can’t stress this enough, a style guide will not only be a handy reference for you personally, but it also helps when you have multiple people writing the content for your website or blogs. Nothing says professional like a good, uniform collection of quality content!

Tip 2 – Develop your content schedule.
Predictability can be good when it comes to the time you publish your content and what topics you write about. When you have a loyal following of readers they’ll come to expect your content at certain times. You can also stir things up a bit by deviating from this norm to refresh your law firm content strategy.

Tip 3 – Use templates.
One of the handiest things a legal content writer can do when developing content is to write in a pre-designed template. This blog is even being written in a custom template! It allows you to have all your formatting ready to go and helps in keeping all of your entries uniform and cohesive.

Tip 4 – Fix up old content.
When you decide to switch to a uniform style guide, or change any aspect of your current style, it may be a good idea to look back at your old content. Take a few minutes to update old articles and blogs with the new style guidelines or changes and make sure everything is on the same design page.

And that wraps up our blog series on creating a collective of cohesive content! Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone. Our team at We Do Web has assisted businesses across the U.S. in building their online presence with unique, SEO-friendly content that resonates with their audience.

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