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Unlocking Marketing Potential through Strategic eBook Content

Alex Valencia
Published   September 14, 2011

Blog Series: The Wonderful World of eBooks

So you’ve picked a topic, and now you’re ready to write. Most people aren’t born writers, and that’s why so many business owners never think they could be a published author. The truth is, if you’ve picked the right topic you’ve already got the content in your head – all you need is to get it on paper (or computer)!

There are many ways to get the content from your brain to an editable format. Of course, you can write it yourself if you feel up to the challenge. Dictation is another choice, either in person or digitally. Maybe a good approach is to collaborate with a ghostwriter, such as We Do Web, who can not only draw out your expertise but also put it down in a formal manner.

No matter how the content goes from your head to the PC, you need to remember why you’re writing an eBook in the first place. If you chose a good, informative topic with enough content to make a book but not too much technical stuff to bore or confuse your readers, you’re on the right track.

The goal of your eBook is to offer valuable information to your clients without “giving away the farm” – in other words, educate them to the point that they realize they need your professional help. You won’t be giving them everything they need to “solve the problem,” but showing them that you have the expertise to help them!

eBook marketing is all about giving just enough quality content to establish yourself as a trustworthy professional in your field. Once a client has seen that you’re well versed in your topic, they’ll have more confidence in not only your abilities, but also in their own knowledge. If a client understands their situation better, they’re more apt to know when they need to contact a professional for help.

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