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Aaron Fennell

Director of Client Success

I became part of the WDW team in 2018, where I now serve as our director of business process and innovation. Before joining, I was a senior editor at LivingSocial, a freelance writer for the US News & World Report, and the commissioning editor for Elsevier’s clinical cancer journals portfolio.

I tend to have a hand in process tweaks and wholesale overhauls wherever I go; if it can be done better, faster, or for less money, I want to explore the possibilities.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (and an accidental minor in Classical Humanities).

I currently live in southern Florida with my wife, my daughter, and an extremely spoiled cat.

In my free time, I help run a small board game company called Stone Circle Games, which puts out tabletop board games for all ages, and volunteer as the director of referees for the Coral Springs Youth Soccer League.