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Social Media For the Holidays

Alex Valencia
Published   November 20, 2010

November 22, 2010 – The holidays are upon us! We almost forgot to post a blog today, and that can happen in small businesses where things get hectic with vacation time and days off.

You shouldn’t let your social media get neglected during the holiday months – in fact, you should pay more attention than ever during these times.
 One of the best tools we use here at We Do Web Content is HootSuite, a social media service that groups all your profiles into one main page. Many of our blogs are written ahead of time, so we’re able to schedule social media posts to promote them later in the week.

Holidays can get hectic with employees taking vacation and last minute projects coming up. With HootSuite, we know that we’ll always have our social media posts covered, even when we forget to check an update! When we’re off Thursday enjoying Thanksgiving with our friends and family, we know our blogs will post and our Happy Thanksgiving message will go out on our status update without having to step out of the kitchen to check our Facebook!

Even on turkey day, many consumers are out on their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and website searches looking for great holiday promotions and deals. While your business may not be in the retail mind of things, remember that holidays are prime times for consumers to be searching for things online. Holiday content on your blogs and social media pages are a great way to bring in those festive searches!

Here at We Do Web Content, we started last Fun Friday with a holiday recipe post, and we’re continuing the trend with another cute Thanksgiving idea that’s edible and decorative! Behold: a vegetarian turkey even your kids will love!


Turkey Cookies!

Ok, so it’s not even close to being low fat or sugar free, but this is the tastiest little place setting decoration you could make! Here’s how we did it:

30 Oreo Cookies
30 Hershey’s Kisses (may be a special kind, but the plain chocolate outside looks best)
30 Candy Corns (I prefer Brach’s, big and always well-shaped)
15 Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies, cut in half so stripes run vertical
Chocolate Frosting
Black Icing Gel

1) Spread enough chocolate frosting on top of the Oreo so the fudge cookie will stand upright.
2) Place the kiss near the edge and sit the fudge cookie flush against the back.
3) Spread a small bit of chocolate frosting on the top of the kiss and attach the candy corn head.
4) Pipe two dots of black icing gel on for eyes.
5) Eat!…or stare at its cuteness. They keep for several days. The frosting may dry out and the cookies may get a bit stale, but until they start growing fur, they’re good for display.


A flock of turkeys

While we’re on Thanksgiving, head over to our Facebook page to check out some shots of our Thanksgiving feast! Our good neighbors at the Law Offices of LaVan and Neidenberg, P.A. were kind enough to invite us all over for a potluck lunch complete with all the typical turkey day trimmings, plus some ethnic flair like empanadas, lasagna, and even curried goat!

Remember that your blogs and social media should show a lighter side of your business sometimes. Your customers should know that you’re humans, too, and you like to have fun and get in the holiday spirit just like them! Holiday-related posts can attract the attention of readers that may have never seen your page without that sort of content catching their eye!

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