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Harnessing Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature for Effective Law Firm Marketing

Alex Valencia
Published   September 29, 2015

Host: Alex Valencia, WDW

In this quick video, Alex Valencia, owner of We Do Web, gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a custom Facebook Audience. Sync your current email list with one of the leaders in social media so you can target potential clients using the platform’s data. 

Alex walks you through the process of capturing incoming traffic and remarketing on Facebook. If you’re not currently using these features, you’re missing out on a promising lead-generation opportunity. 


Alex Valencia:

I am going to show you today how to create a custom audience on Facebook. This is going to be awesome for you now that Google’s going to allow first-party data targeting through their Ad words, but Facebook and Twitter are currently allowing you through Facebook Audiences. So I’m going to show you how to create a Facebook Audience. First, we’re going to go to our “ads manager” and click on that, and that’s going to take us to the ad manager’s page on Facebook, where we’re going to go to “tools.” You’ll see that on the top bar. “Audiences.” Okay, so now that we’re in the “audiences” section, we’re going to go to “Create Audiences” and we’re going to create a custom audience.

And here you’ll see the three different options. The one we’re going to be using today is “Customer List,” because it’s a list of either customers that we’re downloading from our current CRM or database or emails that have come through our newsletters or ebook orders. So make sure you have that saved on your desktop or in a folder as a .CSV file. It can be just first names, last name, and email, or just emails, and it’ll grab the people that actually signed up for Facebook using those emails.

“Website traffic” is another one. Eventually we will do a short video on this one, but this is great. This is adding a pixel to your current website to capture any of the incoming traffic, and if they don’t make a move, we get to remarket and show ads to them specifically for that group of people that have come to your website and remarketing them through Facebook. Okay, so we’re going to go to “customer list,” upload a file. So I’m going to choose a list from our desktop. So I’m going to go “upload file,” “desktop,” going to look for my current Infusionsoft list, and then I’m going to click on “Create Audience.”

And this is the page that you’ll get. “Thanks for creating a custom audience. You can view an error report or actually go to the list,” click “next,” and then it’ll take you to create an ad using the audience, and you can also expand your audience by hitting specific demographics or different things that Facebook allows you to. So I hope that was helpful. Please go ahead and get this started as soon as possible. Even if it is, just to start remarketing and marketing to the people that have come to your website, create a Pixel. If you have emails, I definitely suggest dropping them into Facebook. You want to also invite everyone to like your page. That way you’re sharing good content to people that are receptive to it. Have an awesome day. Thanks again for watching. I hope this was helpful.

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