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Content Marketing Florida: How Content Marketing is Like Committing to a Tattoo

Alex Valencia
Published   March 8, 2016

Content Marketing is like commiting to a tattoo


We all know that person who has been talking about getting a tattoo for months or even years. This is a common statement: “I want something meaningful and that will continue to hold true as I age.” The permanence of a tattoo is very similar to that of content marketing and content writing.

A tattoo is personal and helps explain who you are. Some individuals have military tattoos while others have meaningful dates or symbols. No matter the tattoo, it’s something that’s unique to your body. The same is true when it comes to creating any type of content. When writing an article, uploading a podcast, or completing a YouTube video, you’re using your own voice to create a specific style. Those who consume the content quickly notice that style.

Content Marketing is a Journey

Any time a business professional starts to think about content marketing, she must understand it takes time and commitment to succeed. If a business owner feels their content is going to immediately become a hit, they are sadly mistaken. Some of the best content writers in the world spend years developing their skills and their voice. Within competitive industries such as the legal and medical fields, it is best to think long-term rather than short-term. It takes dedication and many pieces of content to develop a following on the web.

Thinking long-term is necessary when deciding on a tattoo as well. You can always remove a tattoo, but it is a process that is neither easy nor cheap. It may seem like we want that flashy tattoo that is cool today. In content writing this is comparable to ranking on the front page of Google search. While possible, it probably is not sustainable if you’re very shortsighted. That popular actor’s tattoo will probably lose its popularity soon and you’ll be left with a tattoo you regret. Manipulating the system to get on page one of Google search may work today, but in the long-run it will likely lead to a penalty on your website.

In both scenarios, the decision to get the flashy tattoo or use blackhat SEO strategies to quickly rank high on Google search backfire and lead to long-term problems.

tatoos like content marketing-shoulder polynesian tat

Tattoos and content marketing are long-term commitments, so treat them as such. There are no “get to the front page of Google search in a week” schemes that are sustainable. Tattoo ink doesn’t wash off in just a few days.


The same is true when it comes to social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Unless you already have celebrity status, it’s highly unlikely you can join Twitter and gain 10,000 followers overnight. When you join Google+ you’re not going to find that 25,000 G+ers add you to their circles just because you own a law firm in Sarasota, Florida.

Life and business simply does not work this way. Making a commitment to write weekly and sometimes daily content and engage with others on social media is what many content creators must do to truly get their voice out there.

Your Content and Tattoo(s) Are Unique to You

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have unique content. Many times business professionals will hear the word “curator.” In more words or less, an Internet or online curator is someone who has the time and talent to scour the Web for content related to his or her interests or business. Curators then share this content with their audiences. This has become very popular with the proliferation of social media.

Those who have been successful at curating content have two things in common: 1) a large following; and 2) a lot of time. Most lawyers, attorneys, doctors and business professionals struggle in these two areas. This makes content curating very difficult. Don’t be alarmed. There are other ways to build an audience. The number one method is to create unique content that’s useful to readers.

When thinking about creating content, consider the mindset of getting a brand new tattoo. You may have some influences that encourage a specific body part or a type of tattoo. Even with those influences, the tattoo is still going to be unique to you. Content should be the exact same way. You may read other prolific content writers or copywriters and get some ideas. But everyone is going to be a little bit different.

The long-term commitment will cause medical professionals or lawyers to strongly consider a sustainable business model when it comes to online content creation. Adults will think long and hard about the lifelong commitment of the tattoo they will see in the mirror every night they change clothes and every morning they hop in the shower. Time and effort go a very long way as it relates to valuable business and life decisions. Time can be a tremendous problem for professionals needed in the operating room or at the office.

Even though you may not have the time to create content for your website, you can still have a large influence on your content. The staff at We Do Web Content works independently with each law firm or medical staff to develop the correct voice for the business. We understand that not everyone has the time to sit down and write two 1,000-word articles every single week. In fact, legal and medical professionals have much more important job functions that come first. Rather than letting your Web presence decline, it is recommended that copywriters and content creators be strategically implemented.

Content Marketing and Tattoo StatsArm polynesian tat

Want more evidence of the similarities between web content and tattoos? Check out these statistics.

Both are both billion-dollar industries. In 2013, eMarketer estimated businesses would spend $118.4 billion on content marketing that year. A few years later, and the 2016 B2C Content Marketing Trends report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found that half of businesses will increase their content marketing budget in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, Americans spend $1.65 billion on tattoos annually. (Pew Research Center, Tattoo Finder, Vanishing Tattoo via StatisticBrain.com)

Reputation matters in both. Sixty-one percent of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that provides unique content. (Custom Content Council) Forty-nine percent of people with tattoos think the reputation of tattoo artist or tattoo studio is the most important factor. (Pew Research Center, Tattoo Finder, Vanishing Tattoo via StatisticBrain.com)

Both are popular. Inbound marketing – such as content marketing – is preferred by small (84%) and medium-sized businesses (71%) to outbound marketing. Large companies use both inbound and outbound. (State of Inbound 2015) Forty-five million Americans have at least one tattoo. (Pew Research Center, Tattoo Finder, Vanishing Tattoo via StatisticBrain.com)

Both lead to engagement. One in four social media users followed a brand in 2011; one in three did in 2014. And interesting content is a top-five reason people connect with brands on social media. (The Social Habit 2011, 2012 & 2014) Interesting tattoos help you connect socially. (Me)

Above stats provided by StatisticBrain.com and ExactTarget.com.

Content and Tattoos Have a Special Meaning

Before making the final decision on a tattoo, most people will think about the long-term effects. What is going to happen as I age and the tattoo starts to fade? What happens when I no longer care about the Miami Hurricanes? What if I fall out of love with Yvette? These are all questions people must answer before the ink makes its way into the skin.

These tattoos were a safe choice - I'll always love my sons.

These tattoos were a safe choice –
I’ll always love my sons.



The same is true when it comes to content marketing. How much time and effort can I put into content creation? How long will it take to get results? Where will I stand in one or two years? Fortunately, We Do Web Content will be more than happy to answer all of those questions for you.


Understanding the long-term goal is extremely important when it comes to a website or web presence. Rome was not built in a day and you cannot expect to rank on the front page for the keyterm “Criminal Defense Attorney” with three or four articles. This is a journey, not a race.

If you want to learn more about how content marketing can help your business, contact us at We Do Web Content: 888-521-3880.



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