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Optimizing Law Firm Growth with Varied Content Marketing Tactics

Alex Valencia
Published   August 26, 2022

Think about the last time you came across content that made you say:

“Wow, this is exactly what I needed.”

What did you do next? 

Did you…

  • Seek out more information from that source?
  • Share the content with a friend?
  • Make a purchase?

We’re sure you’ve also come across content that made you think:

“Who could possibly find this helpful?!”

In that situation, did you…

  • Quickly click away?
  • Avoid clicking on that company’s content in the future?
  • Call a coworker into your office to laugh at it?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for people’s information-gathering preferences and habits. Just like you can’t possibly catch an array of fish using a single bait from your tackle box.

People look for content using different channels, and content resonates with different people. This means you can’t focus your marketing budget on one law firm lead generation method

Enhance your lawyer content marketing activities and attract new customers with these intriguing promotional thoughts for legal professionals.

Then you’ll be smooth-sailing and reeling in so many solid leads from your website you’ll need more fishermen (oops, staff) to keep up.

Why do I need marketing as a lawyer?

You need marketing as a lawyer because your firm won’t grow as quickly without it. Even worse, the firms dedicated to marketing will overshadow yours over time.

Without lawyer marketing, you’ll rely on word of mouth to succeed. Referrals make great leads, but big dog law firms use several techniques to bring in new clients – on top of referrals. 

If you don’t employ dynamic marketing ideas and tactics, you’re trying to use one type of bait to catch many types of fish. And there is no “one-bait-catches-all” in fishing or marketing.

What are marketing ideas for lawyers?

For lawyers, marketing ideas vary based on your…

Think of the following law firm digital marketing ideas as different types of bait in a tackle box.

Not every idea will attract your specific clients or work with your existing marketing channels. But just because you don’t use a technique doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about it. Use the lawyer marketing tactics that fit your firm and familiarize yourself with the bait your competitors are using.

This will give you a competitive advantage that’ll bolster recognition for your firm and get more people scheduling consultations.

Lawyer marketing bait #1: Eye-catching, shareable snippets.

You want your content to be as skimmable as possible so visitors find the information they need instead of jumping ship to get answers elsewhere.

Branded infographics with your firm’s logo boost awareness for your firm because infographics are highly shareable. The more someone sees your logo pop up in their feed, the more likely they are to trust you as an information source.

Try using Canva, a free platform to create visual media. It offers easy templates that allow you to fill in your information, add your logo, and download an internet-ready infographic.

Screenshot of Canva content creation platform

Add notable statistics and a call to action (CTA) at the end of your infographic pointing viewers to your website or blog for lawyers for additional details.

Then your website visitor will know where to learn more, whether they see your infographic in…

  • A social media post.
  • Their search results.
  • A text from a friend.

Infographics catch the attention of those who need help but likely won’t read a full blog post.

Pro marketing ideas for lawyers tip: Conduct a content audit.

If you’re already using visual media, consider conducting a content audit (or get one for free!) to assess its effectiveness.

Outdated infographics deter visitors from seeking out more of your content. They diminish your content’s user experience, which means fewer visitors clicking through your website to find more information.

(Hint: this includes fewer contact form submissions.)

Lawyer marketing bait #2: Virtual storytelling.

Videos extend the reach of your content, maximize your marketing efforts, and reel in leads from different channels.

Content marketing experts at Content Grip found that “87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website, while 80% say it has directly helped increase sales, and 83% say video has helped them generate leads.”

You’re missing out on valuable traffic and leads if you’re not creating videos for your content.

Try hosting and recording a webinar or virtual hangout. Upload short, digestible snippets of video to your social media and include the full recording on your website. 

You can ask for visitors’ email addresses in exchange for the full recording to increase lead generation.

Videos offer a way to connect with your audience quickly while providing valuable information.

Lawyer marketing bait #3: Intriguing imagery.

Images are important because they break up text, engage your visitor, and increase awareness of your firm. They reel in the fish who can’t stop scrolling.

When you’re choosing the main images for your blog posts or social media posts, be sure you’re sticking to your brand’s overall look and feel. 

Consistency across all platforms ensures your content for lawyer websites is instantly recognizable. A consistent personality behind photos helps visitors feel like they know you and builds trust.

Consider using an image that’s off-topic (but within your brand guidelines!) to draw people’s interest. An image can draw someone to reading your content when they would have skipped it otherwise.

Promote your blog post on social media using the same main image and a snippet from the blog. This gets more views on your blog post without having to generate more content for a separate platform.

Lawyer marketing bait #4: On-the-go content.

Podcasts are changing the way people search for and consume information. That means you can reach a wider audience and catch new leads for law firms by starting one. 

According to marketing giant Hubspot, revenue from podcasts is projected to double by 2024, making podcasts one of the best marketing ideas for lawyers and valuable bait with a high ROI.

Screenshot of graph showcasing the projected growth of podcast marketing

Hubspot also reports that “82% of marketers plan to continue investing the same amount or increase their investment in podcasts.”

So, set aside time now to develop your podcast and get ahead of your competitors

Compile common questions from clients and ask your intake team for questions they’re frequently asked. 

Use your experience and unique insight to answer questions and urge listeners to reach out with additional questions. This exchange develops relationships with potential clients and gives you more content for your next podcast.

Write a blog post and talk about the same topic on your podcast. You’ll reach different audiences with the same content. 

For example, we did a podcast on marketing ideas for lawyers to coincide with this blog:

Snippet of We Do Web's marketing ideas for lawyers podcast

We offer different information in case a visitor wants to learn more, but we make the most of our content strategy by targeting the same keywords.

Plus, podcasts offer a space to share your personality, which will resonate with the right kind of fish for your firm.

Lawyer marketing bait #5: Hooks of all sizes.

Cast a wider net with your law firm website content by going beyond the standard “home,” “about us,” and “contact” pages. Create pages that talk directly to certain types of clients. 

Every page on your website is an opportunity for search engines to crawl your content and boost your ranking in the search engine search results (SERPs).

There’s no limit to how many unique pages you can create, as long as you:

  • Offer valuable information on every page.
  • Avoid copying and pasting content from other pages.
  • Organize your website with the user experience in mind.
  • Pay attention to your page load speed.

Write blog posts that speak to a single question from a client – chances are, potential clients have the same question. Ask clients for more insight into the support they need and be sure to use their exact language in your writing.

Add practice area pages for specific situations. For example, include a page for “car accidents” as well as “ride-share accidents.” Search engines might display your web content to respond to various questions, and you’ll attract visits from individuals in different situations.

Create timely newsjacking posts and offer information following local events. This will hook fish in your community who wouldn’t find the particular insight they need otherwise.

Segmenting your content across separate website pages gives you more opportunities to connect with future clients.

Fishing (okay… law firm marketing) made easy

You know your fish, but you don’t have to be the one spending time reeling them in.

You can have a huge marketing return on investment (ROI), a predictable flow of new clients each month, and continued growth year after year – without adding more to your schedule.

We Do Web handles content marketing for law firms (i.e. bait), managing your content production so you don’t even have to supervise.

Call us at (954) 425-9081 or reach out to us here to see these digital marketing services for law firms and ideas in action.

Be sure to check out our glossary of content marketing terms to deepen your marketing strategy knowledge.

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