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Law Firm Digital Marketing: Strategies for Success

Alex Valencia
Published   September 16, 2016

Host: Alex Valencia, WDW

Guest: Jason Hennessey, Hennessey Digital


Alex Valencia of We Do Web and Jason Hennessey of Hennessey Digital introduce SEO Happy Hour, where you can learn tips and tricks around digital marketing for law firms, content strategy for law firms, and how to boost SEO for law firms.


In its first installment scheduled for September 30th at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time, Alex and Jason will share insights on:


  •  gTLDs (general top-level domains)
  • AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages project)
  • Tracking your return on investment for an SEO campaign
  • Checking how Google indexes your website and if you received any penalties




Alex Valencia:

Hey friends. Thanks so much for clicking through. We’re super excited about our new series, SEO Happy Hour on Fridays. We’re hoping you’re going to join us. We’re going to have tons of great information. Go ahead and click through. Make sure you send us your most pressing questions about SEO, WordPress, content management systems, developing content strategies, how to create links, what links you should be using immediately, and what are the easiest links to get.

We’re going to be on with Jason Hennessey, our SEO expert. We’re also going to bring on our web developers. We may even have additional guests on local and business management, legal marketing. Make sure you click through, sign up for the series. We’re excited for it. It’s going to be every other Friday starting at 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. So grab some coffee, grab a drink, join us for SEO Happy Hour with We Do Web Content. We look forward to seeing you.

We’re excited about SEO Happy Hour with We Do Web Content. I have Jason Hennessey here, and he is going to tell us some of the topics that we’re going to be discussing. Make sure you click below and register and send us to your pressing questions. Jason’s going to tell us some different areas that we’re going to be discussing, but really any topic about SEO content, content marketing, email marketing is really open. Send us your questions. We’re looking forward to hear from you.

Jason, thanks so much for joining me. We’ve had a good time working together. Please tell our friends out there what they can expect, what questions we should be asking, and what we’re looking for, what kind of time we’re going to have on SEO Happy Hour on Fridays.

Jason Hennessey:

Yeah. No, I love this. You and I were talking just last week and we said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we can create an open forum where people can kind of log in and just ask questions that are pressing?” Some of the questions that we’ve been getting recently are about the new gTLDs, so those are general top level domains. I’m sure you’ve gotten, or at least have gotten emails with solicitations asking you to purchase your brand name, like joesmith.law or joesmith.attorney, or joesmith.lawyer. These are called gTLDs. I speak at a lot of the domain conferences, so I know all about this. So we can definitely talk about if there’s value in purchasing those domains.

We can also talk about how to track your return on investment for an SEO campaign or a paper click campaign, and how to make sure that you’re holding whoever it is that’s managing those type of services, whether if it’s internal or an external vendor, how to hold them accountable. There’s a lot of talk in the whole Google local world. There’s been some updates recently. We can kind of get to that. AMP. AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages project. That’s a new initiative that Google has rolled out to increase the speed of mobile searches. So everybody on this call or watching this call should have an AMP version of their website. And if you have never heard of AMP, well then that could be a problem. So you might want to tune in.

Other things too. Just simple questions. How can you see how many pages Google’s indexing on your website? How to see if you have any type of penalties or algorithmic filters happening on your website. I mean, there’s so much more. I mean, these are things that are just kind of coming to the top of my head, and I’m sure those that are watching that are going to tune in, have their own questions. And no question is a silly question. I mean, there’s probably 12 other people that will be on the call, so we definitely encourage you to just ask questions. Even if you’re a beginner, we’re happy to address each of those.

So I’m excited. And I think Happy Hour is a good name for that. I think it’ll be an interesting kind of forum, and we’ll get to meet a lot of great people out there in the legal community and address some of their problems and questions that they have.

Alex Valencia:

Yeah, I think it’s great. I think the reason I came up with that name is I thought of all the legal that we go to that it’d be awesome to be able to get with your SEO expert at the bar, be able to pick his brain, ask questions. So think about it like that. Real casual situation. Bring your questions. Like Jason said, there’s no silly questions. There’s going to be a lot of other people on the call, and they’re going to benefit from the questions. So make sure you register, send us the questions that you do have. If not, make sure you just listen in and let us know how we’re doing. We’re super stoked. Starts on September 30th at 2:30 Eastern Standard Time. We look forward to seeing you. Just click below and get your registration going. Hope to see you soon.

Jason Hennessey:

Thanks so much.

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