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Law Firm Employee Management: A Comprehensive Blueprint for Productivity

Alex Valencia
Published   January 9, 2015

Webinar host: Alex Valencia, WDW

Alex talks about all the great opportunities to learn from legal marketing experts on CaseGhost webinars. Ken LaVan from CaseGhost and Ken Hardison from PILMMA are emptying their vaults of knowledge in their upcoming seminar, A to Z Blueprint for Law Practice Management and Productivity. Whether you’re looking to improve your Social Security or personal injury firm, you’ll walk away with new skills, such as how to create job listings that attract the best candidates and honing in on effective onboarding and training techniques to get your new hires up to speed faster and more efficiently. If you want to maximize your employees’ productivity, you’ll certainly want to hear what these experts have to say. 

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Alex Valencia: Hello, We Do Web Content friends and clients, and Happy New Year. Thank you all for all your efforts as clients and all of your business in 2014. We’re really excited for 2015, and we have a lot of things coming. I’ve had the opportunity to work really closely with Case Ghost and my good friend Ken LaVan these past several months and couple years and then led into the projects that we’re working on with Case Ghost, which were absolutely amazing. The reason for this video is that I want to invite you, attorneys or legal marketers, staff that work in law firms, and urge you to join the webinars on caseghost.com. Ken is delivering and opening his vault with different information and tons of great content that he’s used throughout the years teaching his employees, telling us about productivity and management, how to run your business, how to grow a Social Security firm, how to add veterans’ disability, and how to turn your personal injury firm around.

The content and delivery from Ken LaVan has been absolutely outstanding. The webinars that we’ve been setting up for him have been locked out every single time. Our list continues to grow. Our go-to meeting had to be increased. It is great content. If you’ve already watched them, you know what I’m talking about. But most importantly, the point I want to make is to invite everyone to a seminar. Our first seminar that we’re going to be holding down here is in sunny South Florida on March 6th. It’s the A to Z Law Blueprint, and we are partnering up with Ken Hardison from PILMMA, who’s also been a great help and mentor. His mastermind groups have been amazing for us and Ken LaVan, who is part of his Titanium Mastermind group. But, I urge you to check out Ken LaVan. His webinars are on caseghost.com, webinars and presentations.

I’m going to send you a link to the A to Z Law Blueprint. I urge you to register. It is a low, low cost; we’re basically giving it away. The content that’s going to be delivered and we’re going to be talking about is a step-by-step checklist for new hires. You will understand creating job descriptions, creating an employee handbook, and how to create and utilize onboarding and training manuals. We’re giving away all the content that we’ve used internally for several years on running a law firm, how to manage it, and how to get the best productivity out of your employees. I’m totally stoked. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this seminar. It is filling up fast. We just sent out one email this week, and we have over half of the attendees already registered. There’s only 50 slots left. Make it to Florida. I urge you to do it.

Second point, Yvette’s been doing a great job building content strategies for law firms. These attorneys are sending me testimonials and emails saying, “Wow, what is she doing?” She’s really taking the time to do a consulting service for attorneys and teaching them how to really build the navigation and the content for their websites. Other than that, we’re exploring additional content solutions and email marketing for law firms. We urge you to start doing some email marketing with your current list and to start building your new list. Build that online funnel. I know Tom Foster, Ben Glass, and Ken Hardison have been talking about this for years. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t just concentrate on the law firm SEO basket. There’s so much more opportunity out there that you might be missing out on by not building that funnel with your website or your other marketing.

But again, check out AtoZlawblueprint.com. The URL should be on here. I’m going to send out an email to all my friends and clients, as well. Again, thank you for everything. Happy New Year. We’re super stoked. We hope to see you down here in South Florida soon. Have a great day. Happy Friday.

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