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SEO Happy Hour with Guest Eric Enge: Why Good Web Content Must Die

Alex Valencia
Published   November 1, 2016

In last week’s episode of SEO Happy Hour we had the pleasure of having special guest Eric Enge, author of The Art of SEO and owner of Stone Temple Consulting, super SEO agency to Fortune 500 companies.

Having Eric on our show meant as much to us as meeting Anthony Hopkins would mean to an actor.

Who is Eric Enge?

Eric Enge is a smart marketer and pioneer in the SEO world. Eric’s studious and data-driven strategies have propelled him and his agency to numerous prestigious marketing awards. Eric was named 2016 Search Marketer of the Year (Male) at the Landys, 2016 Search Personality of the Year at the US Search Awards, and Stone Temple Consulting was also named Best Large SEO Agency of the Year at the US Search Awards.

Eric has been speaking about digital marketing for more than a decade. He keynotes several conferences every year, including this year’s Pubcon Las Vegas in a joint keynote with Gary Illyes.

Eric has built quite a reputation for himself and we are fortunate to have him on our show.

Watch the video from the webinar below and learn about:

  • The marketing ecosystem
  • SEO case studies
  • Why you need better content
  • The foundation of content
  • Social media branding
  • Influencers and how they can help your brand
  • And more

One of the many takeaways in this week’s episode concerns Google Local. Although we think of Google’s algorithm as sophisticated enough to understand the difference between common address nomenclature like Suite, STE, #, Street, and St., that may not be the case. So best practice is to make sure you have a NAP (name, address, phone number) profile that is exactly the same on your website, in your Google My Business Profile, and across the web.


Another important takeaway was concentrating and devoting your time to one solid social platform for building influence and growing your brand. Much easier to be awesoe in one area than just okay in a few.

Did you like the video? Let us know what you think and contact us. Want us to have someone on the show or speak on a specific topic? Let us know by completing our contact form.

Thanks again for watching.



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