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Don’t lose cases to your competitor.

In this guide, we’re sharing 15 crucial marketing tips for lawyers to keep their law firms relevant, cut through the competition, and draw in even more clients in 2022.


The legal industry is a quickly evolving space. Many traditional marketing methods still work to this day, while others have long gone by the wayside. In order to stay on top of your game, you need to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s new on the horizon.

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How will your firm compete?

In this guide, we uncover some of the smartest, results-driven strategies you can use to rise above your competition and keep your pipeline full of new leads.

1. How Can Your Firm Dominate Your Local Market?

1.1 What does marketing look like for law firms in 2022?

1.2 How will your law firm compete?

2. Steps Your Firm Need to Take to Increase Revenue in 2022

Tip #1 Identify your ‘ideal client avatar’

Tip #2 Research localized SEO keywords

Tip #3 Write for people, not for search engines

Tip #4 Personalize your PR

Tip #5 Land features, guest articles, and earned assets

Tip #6 Grow (and nurture) your email list

Tip #7 Master the art of the follow-up

Tip #8 Demonstrate thought leadership in your content

Tip #9 Engage your audience on social

Tip #10 Run targeted PPC campaigns

Tip #11 Diversify your legal content marketing strategy

Tip #12 Tackle your technical SEO

Tip #13 Create linkable assets

Tip #14 Grow your referral network

Tip #15 Prioritize client reviews and testimonials

3. Grow Your Firm By Taking These Actions

3.1 Make Your Law Firm Shine Online in 2022

Build a strategy that delivers:

Learn how to identify the paths to acquiring new cases for your law firm.

Start building your SEO and content marketing strategy.

Begin to improve your rankings and drive traffic to your site.

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