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Law Firm Lead Generation: How to Catch Whales and Client

Alex Valencia
Published   July 23, 2010

July 23, 2010 – Imagine you’re out for a nice day trip off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa on your 33-foot yacht when suddenly, WHAM…whale on deck!

That’s exactly the bizarre tale one South African couple has to tell after a 40-foot whale crash-landed on the deck of their sailboat, Intrepid. A nearby tour boat full of sightseers watched the spectacular crash, and one managed to get before and after pictures.

Everyone survived: the couple, the whale, and the boat…mostly. The mast was broken off and the upper deck in ruins, but the damaged vessel managed to get back to port at Table Bay Harbor. The whale was spotted swimming away, most likely a little scraped and bruised after the ordeal. One of theIntrepid’s passengers, Paloma Werner, said there were small bits of black whale blubber, a little blood and some barnacles on the ship’s deck.

As an attorney, you’re always looking for that next big client, your whale, to leap into your law firm boat. While in this case the Intrepid’s owners didn’t do anything to attract their whale, the odds of your website working for you to produce potential client leads without any content are slim. What are you doing to attract your whale?

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